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The Shadow Courtesan

No mortal will tell of our tragedy...

31st October 2019

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Where I Belong

When all you know is forgotten, you can change a kingdom...

1st December 2018

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The Gods' Wrath

Short Story

Aeliana has grown up in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. Awaiting her husband's return on a sweltering August afternoon, the mountain that has always been part of the background suddenly rumbles in to life. And, with it brings down the wrath of the Gods.

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Works in Progress

Title: Tears of Greece

A collection of short stories based on Greek mythology.

Release Date: 2020-21 (TBC)

Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior

Title: The Bourgeoisie and the Paramour (working title)

Two Sisters. Two Fates. One Revolution.

Born and raised in a brothel, Clarisse prepares to follow in her mother's footsteps and earn her keep in Madam Rachelle's establishment.

Born into a wealthy family and growing up within the French Court, Odette struggles against the future which has already been decided for her.

When Revolution sweeps through France both women find themselves caught in the turbulence.

Download a draft of the opening chapter here!

Predicted release date: 14th July 2024

Title: The Queen's Rival (working title)

Mary Talbot finds herself betrothed to Henry Percy, heir to the title of Earl of Northumberland. Trapped in a marriage to the sickly heir, Mary's position only worsens when she realises her husband's affections belong to someone else; Anne Boleyn. 

The woman who has vowed revenge against Cardinal Wolsey and is intent on becoming the next Queen of England.

Release date: TBC

In Royal Dress
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