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Get your copy of The Shadow Courtesan in audiobook (USB) and paperback format.

The Shadow Courtesan audiobook is narrated by Emily Mount and runs for approximately 12hrs 58mins. The USB audiobook comes on a square USB key with a loop to attach a keyring - perfect to bring it on the go! The audiobook comes in MP3 format split into each individual chapter.


You will also receive a free copy of The Shadow Courtesan in eBook format.


A century after seeing her home destroyed and family slaughtered, Reina is forced to return to the very place she swore never to go back to: Tenebrae, a place of eternal darkness where vampires thrive and humans are forced to live as slaves.

Although Reina is now a vampire, the very creature she loathes, the vampires of Tenebrae do not recognise her as one of their own.

Determined to end slavery and destroy Tenebrae, Reina catches the attention of Master Vrykólakas, the man responsible for the deaths of her family and village, who gives her an impossible ultimatum: become his favourite courtesan or condemn the man who is both her Creator and lover to death.

The Shadow Courtesan (paperback)

    Paperback & Audiobook bundle (The Shadow Courtesan)

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