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When all you know is forgotten, you can change a kingdom.

Explore Jadeus and the kingdom of Saphyre, a realm rich with magic and corruption.

Alexandra is a young woman intent on forging her own destiny. But the Princess of Karstares is not free to marry for love and her relationship with a lowly knight is doomed from the start. When her betrothal to the King of Saphyre is announced Alexandra becomes desperate to make her own life.

After a spell goes awry, Alexandra finds herself married to the tyrannical Carlyle with no memory of her past or even her magical ability. With no idea of who she is, Alexandra finds herself thrust into the heart of a five-hundred-year-old rebellion led by a man who claims to be Saphyre's rightful king.

A medieval fantasy castle surrounded by clouds within an ornate crystal ball.
3D render of the book Where I Belong
Text reading The Shadow Courtesan

No mortal will tell of our tragedy...

Bloody runes in an ornate banner

Tenebrae; a world of darkness, trapped in the past and where vampires rule over their mortal slaves.

Torn from the safety of her small village, twelve-year-old Reina is a thrust into a life of slavery and eternal darkness. Spending her prime years in servitude to the demons known as vampires, Reina learns to keep her head down and remain unseen. But all that changes when she makes a fatal mistake.

A century after seeing her home destroyed and family slaughtered, Reina is forced to return toTenebrae. No longer a slave and raised to the ranks of vampire, the very creature she loathes, Reina is determined to end slavery and destroy Tenebrae. But she has caught the attention of Master Vrykólakas, the man responsible for the death of her family. Suspicious of Reina's return he issues her an impossible ultimatum: become his treasured courtesan or condemn the man who is both her Creator and lover to death.

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3D render of the book The Shadow Courtesan
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