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Where I

1st December 2018

When Alexandra's betrothal to the King of Saphyre is announced she is less than overjoyed. Desperate to escape her marriage to the tyrannical king, she flees. But, after a spell goes awry, Alexandra finds herself lost in a strange world with no memory of who she is.


Alexandra begins to adapt to a life she knows isn't hers. When the mysterious Carlyle arrives, claiming to be her jilted fiancé, she begins to doubt whether her reality is what she truly wants. After Carlyle refuses to take no for an answer, Alexandra finds herself transported to a realm of magic and corruption.


Unable to escape her destiny of becoming queen, Alexandra is determined to end Carlyle's tyrannical reign over Saphyre. Thrust into the heart of a five-hundred-year-old rebellion, led by Caleb, who claims to be Saphyre's rightful King, Alexandra is faced with a difficult choice - who is Saphyre's true ruler?


Signed paperbacks are also available to purchase direct from me at events. To see a list of events I'll be attending please check the events page.

If you would be interesting in stocking Where I Belong they are available to order through Bertrams Books & Gardners Ltd. Alternatively please use the contact us form to discuss ordering copies directly.

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