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About Aiséirí

Aiséirí Publishing is named in honour of my grandmother, Anastasia.


Anastasia was born and raised in Ireland. In the second half of the 20th century my grandparents moved to England, where they raised their family. 


The meaning of Anastasia is "resurrection", translated into Irish this is Aiséirí.

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Willow Woods

Willow is a huge lover of reading and will very rarely leave the house without a book. She will read almost any genre with fantasy and historical fiction being her favourites. But she also enjoys "chick-lit" and crime thrillers. Much of Willow's inspiration comes from her background in history where she holds an MA in Historical Research. 


Willow lives with her husband and up until December 6th 2023 their cat, Nora. An animal lover she fosters small animals with the RSPCA and cats with a local animal rescue charity.


Other hobbies Willow enjoys includes gaming (where she freely admits having an addiction to Final Fantasy). She also enjoys trying more outgoing activities such as Ninjutsu, archery, pole dancing and a good old-fashioned zombie run!

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